A musical interlude — a Springsteen moment

Many of you know that I’m a freakish fan of Bruce Springsteen, except that, while I admire his staying power and re-invention skill, I much prefer his ’70s work, when he had youthful angst, to the more recent work, in which the attempted mixture of rock and near-senior bliss didn’t work for me.

So I was interested to read that Bob Seeger said he’d run into Springsteen and that Springsteen told him he had a new album forthcoming and that it was his best stuff in a long time.

Now comes word that the album, Wrecking Ball, will be out in early March. But there’s a preview on the Web today. It’s of a single, “We Take Care of Our Own,” that is both innovative in some of the percussion and reminiscent of Springsteen’s earlier work in the rich, longing and socially relevant lyrics.

It may be that, at — what? 61? 62? — Springsteen has contemplated the new kind of darkness on the edge of the American town, and that he has something to say about it.

Here are some lyrics from this single, which I find stirring and better each time I’ve played it today — about a half-dozen, with one point: I think Bruce means cavalry though I think he says calvary:

“I been stumbling on good hearts turn to stone, the road of good intentions gone dry as a bone… From Chicago to New Orleans, from the muscle to the bone, From the shotgun shack to the Super Dome, There ain’t no help the cavalry stayed at home, there ain’t no one hearing the bugle blown. We take care of our own, Wherever this flag’s flown, We take care of our own… Where are the eyes, the eyes with the will to see? Where are the hearts that run over with mercy? Where’s the love that has not forsaken me? Where’s the work that set my hands, my soul free? Where’s the spirits that will reign rain over me? Where’s the promise from sea to shining sea? Wherever this flag is flown, we take care of our own.”





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  1. Bruce is proof that you can rock at any age! He still has something to say and it’s worth hearing, even if the radio stations in Arkansas won’t play this.

    St. Timothy

    19 Jan 12 at 1:04 pm

  2. What it is, is an admonition. To America.

    Mac Norton

    21 Jan 12 at 11:25 am

  3. Well said, Mr. Brummett. It’s a good rocker. By the way, I’ve actually enjoyed his recent stuff and can’t wait to hear this one.

    Michael Marion

    24 Jan 12 at 1:00 pm

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