Take the Oxford American saga — please

The more I read about the trouble at the Oxford American magazine, the less I know and care.

That was a strange report this morning, seemed to me, from the University of Central Arkansas Title IX investigators of the trouble.

They appeared to conclude that they didn’t really have anything to, uh, you now, conclude. But they determined that the mere fact that they needed to investigate represented a serious potential federal problem with Title IX.


If you don’t like your boss at a college, you might want to accuse him of her of something. Because inconclusive allegations are taken seriously under Title IX, apparently.

So then I wandered to a Web site,

Don’t do it.

It presents thousands upon thousands of infantile and incoherent words from the fired editor, Mark Smirnoff, and maybe the fired managing editor, Carol Fitzgerald. I’m never clear on who is writing or what the person writing is trying to say.

I don’t even know who the editors in love are.

My tentative conclusion is this: The Oxford American board didn’t have any clear misbehavioral conduct by Sminoff with which to warrant termination. But it doesn’t matter. Anyone writing that unending blather at could not possibly ever again credibly edit a “magazine of good writing.”

So it worked out. Let’s move on. Let’s get that music issue out. It’s the only one I ever cared about, anyway.



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