Asa’s fateful words: volunteer, armed, schools

The man who probably — tragically — is going to be our governor after Mike Beebe has been propped up by the National Rifle Association as leader of its effort to . . . well, have guys grab guns and go to school.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

I’m referring to the eternal candidate, Asa Hutchinson, to whom the Republicans seem inclined to cede their gubernatorial nomination in 2014. And the Democrats seem equally inclined to cede the general election, now that Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has made a mess.

It’s my considered opinion that you can’t get too gun-loving for rural Arkansas, where they favor drive-by deer hunting from the state highway.

Asa indeed may try to get too gun-crazed in this new role, but I’m thinking this assignment amounts to governor’s votes in the bank for him.

You see, the NRA announced Friday that it believes the problem at Newtown, Ct., was that there weren’t enough guns at the school.

So rather than try to restrict a particular form of close-range, heavily-clipped, semi-automatic weapon that is ideal for slaughtering 20 first-graders in a classroom before police arrive, the gun lobby says we need to use the central federal government to order up armed guards at all our schools.

Children would be safer in a crossfire, presumably.

Columbine had an armed guard. For the record.

The NRA executive director talked at times of federally funded police officers at schools and at other times merely of armed security officers. But when Our Boy Asa got up to talk as chairman of some kind of gun-worshipping task force, he actually uttered this phrase: “volunteer armed guards.”

Here are three words I would prefer never to see juxtaposed: “volunteer” and “armed” and “schools.”

I’m wondering if maybe if the PTA couldn’t become the Parent Teacher Arsenal.

The gun industry is a brilliant racket. Its answer to every problem it creates is to let it compound the problem with more sales.

Meantime, the NRA blather is spreading that banning semi-assault weapons would ban basic deer rifles, because you can pull those triggers rat-a-tat.

It’s, well, a lie.

A deer rifle is designed for longer range and less ammunition and fewer shots. Deer run fast. In the woods.

The legislation can be written plainly — as is the case with U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein’s bill — to make clear specifically the weapons and  their ammunition-loaded capacities that you are banning for sale.

Further, the NRA blather that banning the sale of weapons wouldn’t stop crazy bad people from doing crazy bad things is, of course, true.

It simply would establish as public policy that we as Americans don’t think you ought to be able to go buy a semi-military gun suitable not for sport or self-defense, but mass murder.

It simply would establish as public policy that we as Americans think Adam Lanza should have been more primitively equipped.

Now, all that said, I could go for a compromise. Armed police officers at schools and passage of the Feinstein bill.

I proposed that yesterday on social media to a gun advocate who said he’d give up his 2nd Amendment rights when I gave up my 1st Amendment rights.

OK. We have a deal.

I already concede some of my free-press rights by being subjected to laws against libel. I just want the gun industry to be subjected to laws against children-slaughtering devices.










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  1. Well Well, Maybe I won’t be the only 1 who is tared and feathered. and run out of Arkansas.

    tom mason

    22 Dec 12 at 10:18 am

  2. What? Thinking the NRA would act in our best interests? lol
    After watching the NRA head, I have so far resisted the urge to puke.
    Right. More guns arre the answer.

    jim meiser

    24 Dec 12 at 11:49 am

  3. Improving the mental illness DBase, full enforcement and prosecution of current gun laws and a higher class of concealed carry with req training will do much more than difficult to enforce laws that regulate weapons that are used for hunting and are in wide distribution already.

    Pete JC

    24 Dec 12 at 12:32 pm

  4. You make perfect sense, John, and I appreciate it.


    24 Dec 12 at 3:25 pm

  5. If he does a good job in the next session, I still think Davy Carter would make a better choice for the GOP.
    Asa is a failed candidate and as out of here as Say MacIntosh was in his day.

    crumpy old editor

    24 Dec 12 at 4:52 pm

  6. The laws allow politicians and newspapers to say whatever they want about people with very little challenge and most get away with it.
    I love this fact filled article (let me call it Blather which could be either the article or the writer, you decide). Blather starts off with tragically and probably. That should have been the article headline.
    Then blather goes on to malign the rural people of Arkansas by stating they favor road deer hunting from public roads. Is that a fact? Not to suggest that an urbanite would dare to love guns or to cruise country roads with a gun.
    Lets see what other facts has blather offered? Oh yes, Rat-a-tat and the overwhelming fact “It’s, well, a lie”. Whats he talking about, the blather or a lame attempt at a vague generalization about guns? Well figures can lie and liars figure. What figures or facts has been offered other than some generalizations or lame stereotypes? Maybe there was one good generalization, deer run fast, in the woods. Oh blather screwed that up too, they can be fast on open ground too, or so I’ve heard, or maybe that’s as good of a generalization as the blather offered.
    I could offer facts about guns like comparing so-called short range shotguns to so-called long range rifles, or how much ammunition you could carry and quickly reload those hunting guns aka non-assault weapons, but basically it would be a waste of time for those who adore blather and choose to believe that somehow magically regulating so-called assault guns into oblivion is going to stop a lunatic. Can you spell bomb or bio-hazard? Hitler mesmerized the masses with blather, the public doesn’t have any legitimate need for guns, people, especially those Jews. It simply fits in that blather would vilify and belittle those of opposing views and ideas. What part of “peace through strength” do you not get? Why not here, why not now where our future is most at risk, instead of holding a sign up to the bad people literally advertising that if you come here to do harm there is virtually nothing or no one to oppose you. Where’s your sign? I don’t care what it is but it shouldn’t be a welcome sign saying, “come on in we’re not armed!”
    Fact is, I believe, that if bad people want to do you harm there’s not a lot you can do about it, spontaneously or planned. For those bent on mayhem or destruction, take away one method they will find another and some law or regulation will not stop them; hello?

    Video games and movies have unfortunately become the flight simulators and idea factory making killing not only easy but devoid of feeling or guilt. Where’s the outrage? Oh we have that little freedom of speech thing. Now just exactly what was it blather wrote that was factual or made perfect sense?

    Peace through Strength

    25 Dec 12 at 1:51 am

  7. you finished the article correctly with the comment about going for a compromise, bans on certain weapons and armed guards at school, there is no other solution that makes sense or would work effectivley…..but why do you have to begin the article with the word tragically when speaking of a potential Asa governorship, so sad you can’t write an article without putting others down and belittling groups of people..that’s why you and people like you are the problem not the solution…..


    25 Dec 12 at 2:02 pm

  8. Why is there such a disconnect between an assault weapon owner and common sense. Just what is the chemisty between such a weapon and the owner? Is it a power thing? Why else do you need something, that you will not have an occasion to use, other in your fantasy?


    26 Dec 12 at 5:31 pm

  9. What kind of “children-slaughtering devices” were used in the elementary school massacre in China that barely got reported last week?


    26 Dec 12 at 10:19 pm

  10. the guy had a knife and he wounded 22 or 23 kids. kinda my point.


    26 Dec 12 at 11:18 pm

  11. Sadly, armed guards in schools may be necessary, but here is my take on it.
    This will not be a deterrant, but an interdiction. Someone bent on suicide by cop won’t be swayed by armed guards.
    Arming teachers or volunteers is a bad, BAD idea. Last month’s incident of the guy shooting up the West LR parking lot trying to stop a thief comes to mind. Armed guards need to be well trained and professionals. I’m as capable as the next guy in protecting my house and family but not several hundred kids in school.
    The cost is going to be 8 to 10 billion a year. Trying to do it cheaply is not an option unless you have cheap kids.


    27 Dec 12 at 9:27 am

  12. I have a feeling that the NRA is comfortable having a federal government big enough to put armed security in every school. I think the idea of funding it with a bullet tax, which some have discussed involves a federal government bigger than they would like. I wonder who NRA board member Grover Norquist would want to tax to pay for the school security being proposed?


    29 Dec 12 at 8:48 pm

  13. While I’m perplexed at Asa’s new role with the NRA, you gave a fine man short shrift. He deserves acknowledgement of his service as a U S Attorney, Congressman, and DEA administrator. He is not the cartoonish gunslinger you make him out to be. But, I admit I’m still trying to reconcile his new position with the honest and fair public servant I know.


    3 Jan 13 at 12:26 pm

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