Creepy NRA and absolutism

The creepy NRA is on the attack today against President Obama for saying in his Inaugural Address that we must distinguish absolutism from principle.

It was the best part of the address and I expound on it in tomorrow column at by giving several examples that contrast a destructively tunnel-visioned absolute with a soaring broad principle.

The NRA took the president’s line personally as an attack on an absolute guarantee of a right to bear arms and insisted everyone has the right to have hydrogen bombs at home, essentially.

Sneak preview of tomorrow’s litany of absolutes and principles: Absolutism — Wooo pig, sooie. Principle — We’re going to have to let you go, Bobby.


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  2. You’re the creepy one for not getting on board with the NRA. If only you had a clue what they stood for. Go ahead and let them take away the 2nd amendment right and you’ll see how quickly you lose your right to free speech and several other rights along the way.


    24 Jan 13 at 12:06 pm

  3. Biden said get a shotgun. Makes more sense than carrying a Glock or M-16. Works better too.
    Frankly, the more concealed carry permits that are issued, the less safe I feel. Someday we’ll all be caught in the crossfire.

    Bill Kennamer

    24 Jan 13 at 4:09 pm

  4. I think your wrOng on NRA being creepy , u creep NRA and me when u want take are guns. 2nd amendment u don’t want to mess with it. Or do you. Shame On you for making that statement. If you dOnt like guns don’t buy any. Leave are guns alone. I bet u watch tv . I don’t. I think your wrong for doing that. But do I want to take tv away no. What is Hollywood done to are children. Everything that is wrong. Tv is filthy how lives has it destroyed. Gays and lesbians Movie stars promoting filth. Movies with every imaginable filth in them. I bet you watch tv more than you study your bible. What are feeding on naked women on tv. Sex and vilance, crime , murder, raPe, drugs. Please leave my guns alone. NRA doesn’t have any bombs neither do I. If I had cable tv is take shoot it with my shot gun. Do u think there be tv in heaven? Lol. This is satans Eden. We’re at the end. It’s going to get worse and worse. Good day my friend…..


    24 Jan 13 at 4:42 pm

  5. Yes, John, the NRA is creepy. For a long time they were a respectable non partisan organization dedicated to conservation and marksmanship.

    In 1977 there was a coup at their convention and they were taken over by people who have turned them into the gun manufacturers trade group/lobbyist organization that they are today. They permit private members, to try to hide the nature of their business, but their board is mostly gun manufacturers.

    They are working overtime to turn this country back into the wild west, and like Bill, I hate and fear the way they are carpeting the country with guns. More guns everywhere all the time is their idea of safety.

    I especially fear guns in the hands of those who seem incapable of reading the safety instructions.


    24 Jan 13 at 9:20 pm

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