Dustin speaks

Dustin McDaniel just called. Our conversation came down ┬áto this: I asked if he had been thrown for a loop by inappropriateness partner Andi Davis’s publicly challenging his truthfulness by the end of the day of his news conference a couple of weeks ago and by her invoking the prospect of public dissemination of more than 500 text messages between them that are now in the custody of police because of her peripheral role in a criminal investigation.

“I’ll just stick with what I said then,” he said, “which is that I stand by what I’ve said.”

That was that there was no other shoe to drop.

Oh, and this: Regarding the $1.5 million, nearly, that he has raised, McDaniel said he will give all of the runoff and general election contributions back to donors in full, then give back pro-rata the primary campaign balances after he pays all pending bills.

Otherwise, he said he’d been pondering since his news conference how his continued governor’s candidacy would look. He said Arkansas has “amazing opportunities” that he’d like to talk about, but that he decided — on Wednesday, actually — that it would be folly because his continued candidacy would be all about him, not those important things.

Too bad. Stuff happens.

He was the brightest and best young Democratic talent around.



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  2. I used to get annoyed when I would hear things like “He’s no JFK/Reagan/FDR/whoever”, even scoff a bit, but with Dustin, I just keep thinking “He’s no Bebee”.

    If only we could go back in time, and transplant Bill Halter at birth to a place like Harrisburg, Ozark, Rison, or whatever. He might be electable then.


    25 Jan 13 at 9:54 pm

  3. “He was the brightest and best young democrat around.” = Not that’s a very sad commentary on the state of the democratic party in AR. At least he is Clintonesque in his affairs; he just doesn’t have the charisma to get away with it.


    26 Jan 13 at 11:52 am

  4. I still believe Arkansas will elect a Dem for gov, having grown weary of the Tea Party, and unexcited about an old rerun GOP candidate.And I’m half Republican

    mike graves

    28 Jan 13 at 9:53 am

  5. I agree with Don. Dustin was the best the Dems could throw out there? OK if they say so. But the main thing is he’s the AG, which is Arkan-speak for “the next Democrat governor”. If anything good can come of all this business, it is just this: the next Democrat to be governor of Arkansas will not have been the crown (or is it clown) prince AG first. Come on, John. Best and Brightest? I can think of a couple of Democrats right off the top of my head, and their names are NOT McDaniel or Halter! And I’m an Aginner.


    28 Jan 13 at 11:16 am

  6. Speaking as a Republican, the thing I admired most about Mr. McDaniel was his willingness to take on the failed lab experiments of the LRSD and PCSSD, suing to relieve the rest of the state’s obligation to pour $70 million annually down a 3-district waste pit of education. That money could certainly have been put to better use around the state.

    On the other hand, there had to have been more fire where there was smoke for any Southern politician to back out of a race over a bit of inappropriate sex. After all, Louisiana and Arkansas both have a proud and sordid history of electing these smarmy pols, excusing their behavior as unrelated to their public character while in office.

    Le Grand Ours

    28 Jan 13 at 11:52 am

  7. But, still a turd. Not sure I’d call him the best and brightest given that fact. Although, I suppose in your world, Brummett, it’s all relative.

    Ralph Hudson

    28 Jan 13 at 12:07 pm

  8. once again a penis has tarnished a career.

    bill cope

    28 Jan 13 at 12:47 pm

  9. Dustin McDaniel got what he deserved. Brummet should stop acting as his giddy cheerleader. You reap what you sew. And why isn’t the Bar Association stripping McDaniel of his law license. Wasn’t he having an affair with an opposing attorney in a court case?

    Patsy Paul

    28 Jan 13 at 1:31 pm

  10. 1. just be aware that the attorney general is a pointless political office. the permanent staff of competent lawyers does the lawyering. the elected politician gives civic club speeches and worries about the politics of it all.

    2. i just want somebody to explain to me why bill clinton deserved to be president and mcdaniel doesn’t deserve to be governor.


    28 Jan 13 at 1:49 pm

  11. By “best and brightest” Mr.Brummet means most electable.


    28 Jan 13 at 1:58 pm

  12. John: Who said that Clinton deserved to be President. He deserved to be put on trial for rape, several times. Dustin didn’t have Hillary to save him.

    Justin Case

    28 Jan 13 at 7:51 pm

  13. Sir, I realize it was in a different state, but I would say the North Carolina AG served a legit purpose in the Duke lacrosse case.

    As to #2, I have no explanation. With politicians, I follow the Al Davis school of thought.


    28 Jan 13 at 11:00 pm

  14. please permit me to explain once more:

    the office of attorney general is vitally important. the vital job is done by a staff of attorneys. the elected guy in the corner office has nothing to do with that. the mantra in that place is the staff handles the law, the attorney general handles his politics. and it seems to work well.


    29 Jan 13 at 7:23 am

  15. I read you. Still, that explanation kind of sounds like almost every political office.


    29 Jan 13 at 10:01 am

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