UPDATE: Dustin with something to say?

I am told by an insider  that Dustin McDaniel is going to have something to say soon about his sex-afflicted, once-frontrunning Democratic gubernatorial bid for 2014.

I cannot define soon. I cannot say what it is he will say, not having heard it yet.

That’s all, folks.

Interesting, huh? We’ll see.

In 40 years of covering it, I have never known Arkansas politics to be dull.

Shane Broadway, Chris Thomason, Mike Ross, Bill Halter, John Burkhalter. Names. Just names.

UPDATE: Oh, heck, now the Arkansas Times is out there saying a Republican says McDaniel is out. So let me say that a well-placed Democrat tells me this a hundred-percent certainty — a withdrawal — and that McDaniel will make selected phone notices . . . well, I’ll stick with soon. Oh, wait. There’s the phone now. Just kidding.




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  1. May I include State Senator Larry Teague.

    mike graves

    25 Jan 13 at 1:02 pm

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