Preliminary finding: Don’t do it, Halter

So my Sunday column was about how Bill Halter needs to determine  if the Arkansas Democratic establishment, a Beebe-ish BlueDoggy thing that has never liked him, is really all-in for him for Congress in the 2nd District, or if it merely gave lip service to a supposed forthcoming commitment merely to lure him out of a Democratic gubernatorial primary and save Mike Ross some cash and trouble.

I’ve been hearing from Arkansas Democrats since the publication of that column, and here’s my preliminary — stress preliminary — conclusion, subject to revision or reversal should new information arise: Halter shouldn’t trust establishment Arkansas Democrats. They don’t like him. They can hardly stand him. They wanted him out of the governor’s race and aren’t very optimistic he could beat Griffin, and, at most, they want only to use him to gin up enough anti-Tim Griffin zeal to stir Democratic turnout for Ross and Mark Pryor.

I’m thinking Conway Mayor Tab Townsell or former state Rep. Linda Tyler of Conway could do as well as 2nd District candidates, stirring Democratic vote in Pulaski and holding their own in Faulkner, if, that is, the Democratic Congressional Committee would offer the financial and voter turnout help it has promised to Halter.

Meantime, I don’t sense that the Arkansas Democratic establishment wants to concede at this point to Halter as the nominee against John Boozman for the U.S. Senate in 2016. I think those folks would rather give Dustin McDaniel a chance to rehab and put some distance between himself and the little indiscretion.

I don’t fully understand what Halter did to Arkansas Democratic insiders. I know I’ve never been able to have a comfortable chat with him, but this flavor of disaffection seems to go beyond that.


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  1. I pretty much told Bill Halter the same thing. I don’t trust the leadership of the Democratic Party at the moment. They have done everything they can to push progressives out of the party. Clearly, this includes Bill Halter.

    Thought it was interesting that Will Bond stepped down as the Chair of the Party the week after Halter drops out. I don’t really think Bond will run, but his name has been frequently mentioned as a possible candidate in the 2nd.

    As the state Democratic Party stands now, they have no use for Bill Halter or anyone who ever supported him. That’s fine.

    I don’t know what percentage progressives make up of Democratic voters in Arkansas, but I do know this. Democrats cannot win with out that vote.

    I suspect the green party will get their highest percentage ever in the 2014 Governor’s race, especially if Mike Ross and the State Party do nothing to reach out to progressive in Arkansas.

    Greg Phelps

    5 Aug 13 at 11:34 am

  2. Too bad. I really like Bill Halter. I really like the lottery. I think he upstaged some of the old guard and they are now showing what they are made of – spite and revenge.

    Harry Thomas

    5 Aug 13 at 12:38 pm

  3. Wow, John! You mean you are actually accusing, or at least inferring, the Democrat Party leadership of being hypocrital?

    I never thought I’d see the day when the yellow dog started to question his blue-state colored glasses.


    5 Aug 13 at 1:56 pm

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