Slapstick with Ross, Asa and other oddballs

The comedy hits just keep coming in the governor’s race.

Just yesterday:

–Mike Ross said Asa Hutchinson may be the only lawyer in the history of the state to lose a trial with his brother on the jury, and Asa said that was snarky

–Ross assailed Hutchinson for being one of the House prosecutors in the Bill Clinton impeachment and putting his own partisanship over supporting a governor from Arkansas, as if the coincidence of birthplace had anything to do with morality or decency or law.

–A curious character seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Curtis Coleman, whom I previously believed mistakenly to be the football coach at UAPB, unveiled a plan to cut state general revenue nearly in half with deep income tax cuts over eight years.

–Coleman said this tax cut should be our top priority, even higher than . . . well, educating our children.

–Then Coleman put out a followup statement that, oops, his plan would actually raise taxes on the poorest, and that he didn’t mean to do that and would fix it. Which was odd. Republicans favor lower taxes on the wealthy and higher burdens on poor people.

–Hutchinson put out a statement saying, well, uh, we really need to emphasize education. And the Ross campaign declined to respond to this Coleman character, perhaps wondering why the football coach at UAPB was proposing a tax plan.

–Dr. Lynette Bryant, surprise opponent of Ross in the Democratic primary, finally got up that website, the one she said she wanted to unveil before she entertained any questions from reporters. It’s pictures, mostly, including shots of her with Republican U.S. Sen. John Boozman and the Republican Huckabees, Mike and Janet. Odd.

So you’re up to date until the next one-liner or pratfall or pie in the face.


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  1. Wait, what is this? A blogpost? Oh my, this is indeed news.

    Not a bad move by Ross, testing the residual Clinton love in this state (probably safe as long as that particular Clinton is Bill).


    30 Mar 14 at 2:57 pm

  2. Speaking of “Oddballs”, I got a card in the mail today that looked like a ransom note with a return address of “Red Dog,2 Beaten Path Way, Little Rock, AR 72207” accusing Clarke Tucker of being soft on crime. I scanned it and sent it to the Hurst and Tucker campaigns. Really bizarre. I wish I could post it here. Hideous images and text.


    2 Oct 14 at 1:30 pm

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