An official Medicaid mess conversation

The Medicaid madness, the mess, continues to leave me nearly flabbergasted.

I would be fully flabbergasted except that I get, to an extent, the pandering right-wing politics that the Hutchinson administration deems necessary.

I’ve had conversations lately with official defenders of this mass purge that is jerking health insurance from 50,000 people.

Let me relate how these conversations typically go:

Them: It is so unfair of me to make an issue of the shortness of a 10-day response period on income verifications before losing health insurance. That’s always been the policy, through numerous Democratic gubernatorial administrations. And it’s the same period used for ending food stamps.

Me: But this isn’t a standard annual income verification process, applied case by case as recipients’ annual dates occur. It is a first-time, one-time, statute-required mass inventory – a “redetermination” — of everybody. Ten days plus mass application of a flawed detection system – that is an entirely different and more irresponsible, and meaner, set of circumstances.

Me, continuing, fired up now: Anyway, the 10-day federal minimum is for Medicaid income verification. These people on the private option are losing private health insurance on the exchange. There are entirely different federal policies requiring longer than 10-day notification periods, but 30 days, for not renewing policies on the exchange.

Them: It’s 30 days. About. Almost. We give 10 days. Then we give five days for the mail. Then five days for us to process. And then they don’t really lost their insurance until the month ends, because they’re paid until then.

Me: Well, 10 plus five plus five is not 30. And they are purged at 20 days, effective at the end of the current month, when, some lawyer is going to argue, they should have been given another 30 days for private policies purchased from the exchange.

Me, getting more worked up: Anyway, regardless of the length of notice, why in the name of the sweet Lord would you jerk health insurance from people with zero income – as your director admits is happening because your software detection thingamajig is, like, screwy?

Them: We have admitted mistakes have been made. I wish you could talk to some of these people who are working to put people back on their insurance because of mistakes like that. Then you wouldn’t be writing the most unfair thing you’ve ever written, which is that we set out to kick ineligible people off health insurance.

Me: But you did. And those people who are working so hard to restore health insurance to persons purged scandalously – good for them. But they are only having to do it because y’all messed up bigtime.

Them: Don’t we deserve credit for putting out the fire we started?

Me: No.



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  1. Keep at ’em! It is unbelievable, but pretty standard far-right Republican Party thinking. It still astounds me that the so-called “Grand Old Party” has been so successful with this line of thinking. We Democrats are not doing something right, or I should say correctly.

    Nelson Barnett

    14 Aug 15 at 1:21 pm

  2. Too bad we can’t hear the audio version, or see the video.


    14 Aug 15 at 11:05 pm

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